Kyle’s Story

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The above plaque hangs outside the Kyle Guyton Theatre located at Bishop Chatard

The above plaque hangs outside the Kyle Guyton Theatre located at Bishop Chatard

Kyle Jordan Guyton

Kyle’s legacy is a tapestry of life events founded in his church, his school, and his connection with Upon This Rock Productions (UTR), a faith-based Christian Theatre company.

Kyle’s education from elementary to H.S. was in the Catholic Schools.  Upon graduation he was accepted into Indiana State University, Terre Haute, Indiana, pursuing theater education.  Upon graduating from college, Kyle returned to teach at his alma mater; Bishop Chatard High School.

From a child, Kyle showed an interest in all things artistic; music, piano, writing, creating, directing. Kyle was an innovative, creative young man.

At Grace Apostolic Church, Kyle implemented his dream of starting an annual event; “CELEBRATION OF THE ARTS” where men, women, and children were celebrated for their artistic gifts of voice, speaking, drama, art, dance, and music.

At Bishop Chatard H.S., Kyle was hired as theater director.  He and his students are credited with such performances as Snow White, You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown, and The Seven Stages of the Cross.  Kyle’s students and the recipients of the KJG scholarship are testaments to his influence.

Within UTR Productions, Kyle was that caterpillar which morphed into a beautiful, colorful, creative butterfly.  Kyle’s life is representative of what is referred to as the “butterfly effect”.  A concept used in science intimating that small causes can have large effects. Initially, it was used with weather prediction but later the term became a metaphor used in and out of science.  At the age of 14 Kyle was introduced to UTR by then Stage/Tech Director Hubert Tyler.  Kyle would rise from observer to creator and eventually he would serve as Assistant Stage/Tech director and Lighting and FX Designer.  Eight years UTR was given. 

Kyle was a bright light, no coincidence that when he exited the planet his role within UTR was that of Lighting Director.

Kyle’s story ends abruptly , April 5, 2016, at the age of 22, as he chaperoned a group of students during Spring Break to Europe. While in Poland, Kyle encountered a respiratory condition where he unfortunately succumbed.

We are forever grateful to our Heavenly Father, the one in whom he sleeps, and to his mom, Kathy O’Neal, for sharing the gift called Kyle Jordan Guyton with us and with the world.

Because of his significant contributions to the various areas of the performing arts as a young visionary, a scholarship fund was created by local physician and friend, Dr. Varon Cantrell, along with members of the organizations in which he was affiliated.

The scholarship board comprise members from Bishop Chatard High School, Grace Apostolic Church and Upon This Rock Productions. It is the committee’s goal to honor Kyle’s memory by awarding scholarships to students affiliated with these groups (as well as his alma mater, Indiana State University) who will attend a post-secondary college or university with a major in the Performing Arts, and who meet the criteria set forth by Kyle, for himself and for his students.

Kyle’s mother, Ms. Kathy O’Neal, was instrumental in helping Kyle pursue his dreams and is a key supporter of the Kyle J. Guyton Scholarship Fund, named in memory of her only son.

Donations for the Kyle Guyton Scholarship Fund should be made payable to:  Kyle Guyton Scholarship Fund.

Mail checks to:  Kyle Guyton Scholarship Fund, PO Box 55274, Indianapolis, IN 46205