by Dr. Eric Yancy

How to prepare for the challenging week of production:

Production week will be a challenge for all involved in the cast of Upon This Rock. There will be challenges that are mental as well as physical. To prepare your physical bodies there are certain things to keep in mind.

1.  Hydration is extremely important. The lights, heat and movement will all require extra fluid intake. Start early in the week drinking more water than usual. This does not include SODA or energy drinks as they may cause the body to lose more fluid because of their high sugar content.

2.  Start to get adequate rest NOW. The week will entail longer nights and this often follows a full day at work for many. Store up your rest and sleep hours now. You will need them.

3.  Avoid snacks that are high in sugar and salt content. The high salt content will contribute to thirst and the high sugar content will tend to drain your energy because of wide swings in blood sugar. Fruits, energy bars, protein shakes and smoothies can be an acceptable alternative.

4.  Avoid binding clothing. Extremely tight binding garments will restrict blood flow and may cause the feeling of faintness and lightheadedness. Fainting may be hazardous to your health.

5.  Pay particular attention to personal hygiene. Avoid foods whose odors may be sensed through the skin even hours after they are consumed. This would include onions and garlic. Mouth and breath hygiene are also important. Be sure to floss as bacteria will create odors in very short amount of time.

6.  Certain individuals are extremely sensitive to certain fragrances. Please do not wear perfumes or colognes during the close contact in the stage or pit. What is delightful to one may cause serious sensitivities in others.

7.  Avoid alcohol. Not only will the odors be emitted long after its consumption but the sedative effect in conjunction with heat and movement may create problems as well.

8. Don't be a hero. If during the production you start to feel ill, tell someone. The person next to you will make an effort to get you to a safe place with the help of stage assistants and our nursing staff.

9. If you have a known medical condition that will require special considerations please inform the nursing staff so they are not caught off guard. 


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