The KJGMSF Arts Grant is made available annually to the four (4) organizations of which the late Kyle Guyton was affiliated and found a platform to express his gift and talents in the area of the performing arts.  

Grant requests are restricted to and accepted from the following four (4) organizations: 

1.      Bishop Chatard Hight School, Indianapolis, Indiana

2.      Upon This Rock Productions, Indianapolis, Indiana

3.      Grace Apostolic Church, Indianapolis, Indiana

4.      Indiana State University, Terre Haute, Indiana

Criteria & process for awarding grants

Grant requests are received and evaluated annually by the board of directors of the Kyle J. Guyton Memorial Scholarship Fund (KJGMSF). The maximum possible grant distribution in any given year is $20,000.00.  (Note: this maximum is contingent upon available funds following distribution of scholarship awards and the minimum balance the board has determined should remain in the account annually following distribution of scholarship and grant funds).

Basic criteria for evaluation of grant requests are as follows:

1.      Request must come from one or more of the four (4) organizations listed above.

2.      Request must be used exclusively for activities or events pertaining to the performing arts (as opposed to Arts in general).

3.      Details of the specific activity/event must be communicated in the grant application along with the projected cost/expenses associated and requested.

4.      A grant reconciliation form must be completed within 90 days following the activity/event, with an accounting breakdown explaining how funds were used (a copy of a flier and/or other promotional documents should accompany the reconciliation form).  Note: Future grants will not be considered for organizations failing to submit a grant reconciliation form until such form is submitted.

5.      Regardless of the amount requested, the KJGMSF board will determine the total amount to be awarded to each applicant, based upon the review of all applications.

6      Board members will review all applications and submit an anonymous online distribution of grant funds form, specifying how they would suggest the funds should be distributed between all grant applicants.  The total grant dollars available (after scholarship distribution) will be noted on the online form, along with the amount requested from each applicant so the members can complete the grant distribution form appropriately.

7.      Board chair and treasurer will review all submitted forms from the board and make a final decision based on aggregate input from board members. The total (anonymous) forms received must equal the total current board members before a final decision is made. The board chair and treasurer will present the final results to the board members and by paper or electronic communication to the applicants.

8.      A check will be presented to the awarded applicants within 7 days following a grant decision.


Example of grant award and distribution process:

a)      Treasurer advises board that $20,000.00 is available for grant awards (after scholarship awards determined)

b)     Board receives three (3) requests from the four eligible organizations as follows:

a.      Org #1 requests $5,000.00

b.      Org #2 requests $12,000.00

c.      Org #3 requests $10,000.00

d.      Total Requests:  $27,000.00 (maximum award available for distribution: $20,000)

c)      Board reviews applications for all three organizations and based on evaluation, completes the anonymous funds distribution form online.  The total suggested distribution should not exceed available grant funds (in this example: $20,000.00). 

d)     Board members may suggest the group receives the actual amount requested or an amount less than requested (i.e. one board member may suggest a distribution of;  Org #1: 5,000, Org #2: 7,500, Org #3: 7,500 (totaling $20,000), and so on).