Parking & Security

Team Leaders: Sean Mathew   Email:   Emergencies: (317) 285-0551 ext. 8.

1.  Parking passes will be issued to cast and volunteers driving and parking cars in Pike parking area.  You can obtain a parking pass from your area leader as early as Tuesday of production week.  Place the pass on your dashboard.  The color of your pass will advise security where you are allowed to park.

2.  Parking areas assigned for cast & volunteers.  When you arrive at Pike PAC, you should always park in the rear of the school (driveway next to Pike Library will lead you to the rear parking area).  Enter through designated doors (8 South) marked for UTR.  No cast members should park in the front parking lot unless you have been authorized with a special parking pass.

3.  Parking in the load-in area next to the entrance of Pike PAC should only be occupied by assigned individuals with unique passes.  All other cars will be towed.

4.  Unsecured valuables (i.e. purses, jewelry, electronics, phones, cash, credit cards, etc.).  UTR will not be responsible for missing valuables left in cars or inside Pike PAC.  Any valuables left in cars should be secured in your trunk and not visible in your car.  Lock your cars and don't forget your keys.

5.  Wristbands will be issued to all cast members at the Thursday dress rehearsal.  Cast members should wear the wristbands prior to arrival at Pike PAC for entry backstage.  Cast members should remove wristbands once their costume is on (do not wear wristband on stage during performances).  Your costume will alert security that you are a part of the production.  All other volunteers working backstage (non-costumed) must continue to wear wristband and/or special backstage badges.  All those without any of the above will be asked to leave the backstage area.  Heather Strain and her team will distribute wristbands.

6.  In-house passes (badges) for select personnel (backstage, finance room, other key areas).  Select volunteers who will need to access special areas as well as those working with patrons in the front lobby area will be issued special badges to be worn production weekend.  Heather Strain will distribute these badges.


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