Costume & Makeup

Team Leaders:

Rachel Sheppard (Costumes)   Email:

Moneca Reid (Makeup)   Email:

Be sure you have your costume, headpiece, sandals, undergarments, costume jewelry.  You may bring your costumes

Thursday of production week if you wish.

Hair must be past your shoulders if you do not want to wear a headpiece.  Otherwise, a headpiece is required.

Bring deodorant, powder, lotion, and any other hygiene essentials.  Women may also bring your own make-up.

All primary and secondary cast, dancers and slave girls must have a clean face. Men shaved face ladies please have whiskers pulled and arch eyebrows. 

No perfume, cologne, after shave, etc. 

If using a UTR inventory costume, your costume will be in the dressing rooms stage left near the green room.  If you do not find one with your name on it, let us know and we will get you one.

Leave valuables, purses, wallets at home; bring only the essentials.  UTR will not be responsible for missing valuables.

Women will only be permitted to use the restrooms in the dressing room stage left.  All other dressing rooms/restrooms are for designated cast as indicated on the doors.

Costume staff will be available to assist with your costumes, headpieces, etc.

Glasses are not permitted onstage.  We prefer you not wear them at all; however, if you absolutely MUST have on glasses to get on and off stage:  1) purchase an eyeglass cord to wear around your neck under your costume.


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