Backstage Rules

Team Leader: Tim G (Gonsiorowski)   Email:

1.  Cast approved for backstage left and right during performances.

2.  There will be a Holding Area for stage vocals and other cast not performing in order to minimize congestion backstage wings.

3.  Guests (non-UTR)  and non-costumed staff MUST wear backstage badge for entry.

4.  Cast members should not block side entrances as props must be brought on and off stage in timely manner, and also to prevent injuries.

5.  Noise levels backstage must be kept to an extreme minimum during performances.

6.  Large poster-size performance guides will be posted at various areas backstage for cast members to follow the flow of acts/scenes.  In addition, video monitors will be setup in designated areas backstage for cast members to view production.

7.  Select cast members will be assigned props to bring on or off stage throughout production.  Props MUST BE returned to their designated space backstage (stage left).  Eddie Hoke & Marcella Dukett are the properties managers.

8.  The mic exchange table must be clear of congestion for cast members who need to quickly put on or take off a mic pack.  Cast members SHOULD NOT change any controls on the packs.  Direct any questions to the volunteers overseeing that area.  Stewart James manages the volunteers for the mic exchange table.  

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