Reviews from our Patrons

The production was amazing!  I cried throughout the entire program.  It was really moving and inspiring.

This is an awesome, spirit-filled performance!  I have seen this play about 3 or 4 times and have enjoyed every one!

After going through a tragic fire in 2010, I've never lost my praise.  I thank God for this production.  It was incredible and truly a blessing.  I wish all young children, teenagers and adults could experience the play.

This play was absolutely breath-taking!  So inspirational.  The whole world needs to see the play to stop all the violence.

This is our 6th year attending Upon This Rock.  We have been truly blessed.  We are from Michigan and hope to attend every year.

Outstanding.  Spiritually uplifting.  A must see performance!  Will be included as an annual fellowship activity for our church.

This was an awesome experience!  The production has been the best I've seen yet.  The colors and stage set was phenomenal.  The actors were great.  The music was awesome.  It was worth my trip to Indy!

You get more inspiring every year.  I brought a friend this year and she heard the true meaning of Easter and I know she'll never forget the experience.

It was a tremendous experience.  I've been to several passion plays and this is the most talented and spiritual of them all!