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Upon This Rock TV is an outgrowth of the long running passion play, UponThis Rock (UTR), produced annually in the city of Indianapolis, Indiana.  After 34 years of presenting the passion of Christ on Indy stages (drawing thousands from around the nation), sister and brother director team, Sharon Thompson-Hill and Pastor A. Thomas Hill, are now ready to expand the vision of UTR by empowering and spotlighting the next generation of Christian artists through the vehicle of Upon This Rock TV. 

The initial show, “Upon This Rock: 34 Years in 34 Minutes”, sets the stage for future amateur and professional artist opportunities by sharing the success behind our longevity, as well as providing a platform to introduce special events, workshops, and training opportunities for individuals, churches, and other Christian organizations with a strong interest in starting or developing the arts within their church or community groups.  



Podcasts available in Audio and Video formats

Show #101 "UTR: 34 Years in 34 Minutes"  (The directors of the Passion Play share its story from its meager beginnings to present day).

Show #102 "Being Jesus" (behind the scenes interview with Chad Pervine - one of the characters portraying Jesus in the Passion Play)


Show #103 "UTR: A Woman's Perspective" (Female cast members share how the Passion Play has impacted their lives on stage as well as during times of crisis in their personal lives).  

Show #104 "The Adversaries of Jesus" (cast members portraying adversarial roles in the Passion Play and how such roles have ministered in their lives over the years).


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