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Interested in volunteering at the 2018 production of the Upon This Rock Passion Play?  Take a moment and scroll down to view the various volunteer opportunities available.  All volunteers should be available to serve at various times throughout production week (March 26-31, 2018).  Days and times may vary based upon volunteer area and assignment.  After viewing each area, complete the form at the bottom and someone will contact you to get you connected. 



Ushers needed for each of the three (3) performances (Good Friday 7pm, Saturday 11am and 7pm).  Ushers must commit to serve at all three performances.  Prior usher experience is welcomed.

Team Leader:  Carol Hill

product sales

Responsible for selling souvenir programs and other souvenir items the weekend of production (March 30 & 31, 2018).  Volunteers must be available the week leading up to production weekend to setup stations in the lobby, inventory and prepare product for sales.  Product sales team must also be available for tear-down and re-packaging of product at the end of production weekend.

Team Leader:  Lucille Sutton


Security volunteers will be assigned areas throughout the facility production weekend (March 30 & 31, 2018), securing areas off-limits to the public, maintaining order in the lobby and auditorium, as well as attending to emergency needs of the cast and patrons.

Team Leader:  Fred Quarles

parking lot attendants

Parking lot attendants will ensure the proper flow of traffic within the parking areas of Pike PAC, monitor handicapped areas and special parking for cast and staff of Upon This Rock.  In addition, attendants will direct tour buses for loading and unloading of passengers and directed to assigned bus parking areas.

Team Leader:  Fred Quarles


Responsible for scanning patron tickets prior to entry into the auditorium.  Smartphones are used in this process.

Team Leader:  Lori Casson


Assist stage manager backstage with various duties such as movement of props, set-up and tear-down of stage platform and orchestra pit, assignment of body mics for cast members, unloading and loading of props before and after production into trucks, and other duties as needed.

Team Leader:  Tim Gonsiorowski


Due to the number of children involved in the cast of Upon This Rock, oversight is needed offstage when the children are not performing.  Stage Moms will oversee activities to keep the children occupied during these times and also ensure that every child is accounted for at all times and individual child concerns are handled.  Group assignments will be given to each Stage Mom for oversight. 

Team Leader:  Felecia Cantrell

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